Working in the Dark: Homage to John Thompson

OVA AVES [cover]

Ova Aves

Anchorage Press has released a new edition of Harry Thurston’s/Thaddeus Holownia’s OVA AVES.

13 poems accompanying 13 photographs (printed in full colour) of bird eggs from the collection of the Biology department at Mount Allison University.

Losing Elin [cover]

Losing Elin

Anchorage Press has just released Michael Thorpe’s Losing Elin, a tribute in poems to Elin Elgaard (1950–2008). Frontispiece portrait photograph by Thaddeus Holownia.

The House That Stands [cover]

The House That Stands

Poems by Stefan Rose

A tribute in twenty-two poems to the Mount Allison University residence Trueman House which was converted into the Wallace McCain Student Centre in 2008.

Silver Ghost

An Homage to the Atlantic Salmon Rivers of Eastern Canada

Photographs by Thaddeus Holownia
& Essay by Harry Thurston

This 80-page book measures 19 x 10 inches & includes 50 full-size stochastic duotone reproductions of Holownia’s 17 × 7 inch contact prints. Printed at Hemlock Printers, Burnaby, BC. Bound at Roswell Bindery, Phoenix, AZ.

Silver Ghost

Pinware River, Labrador, 2003.

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About Anchorage Press

THE ANCHORAGE PRESS is a working lab of two tons of letterpress equipment overlooking the famous Jolicure pond.

Dedicated to the exploration of fine typography and innovative collaborations of text and image, The Anchorage Press has served as a teaching studio for Mount Allison University students under the direction of Thaddeus Holownia for over a decade.

Holownia publishes both limited edition folios of his images as well as offset editions under this imprint.

Brief History of the Anchorage Press

The Porcupine's Quill published an article on the history of the Anchorage Press in DA·54, which is available on their web site:

Arc Poetry Interview with Peter Sanger

An excerpt from The long view: An interview with poet Peter Sanger on his collaboration with photographer Thaddeus Holownia. []