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CBC program on “Icarus, Falling of Birds”

“It symbolizes man’s hubris”: Canaport bird kill inspires 2 artists Thaddeus Holownia, Harry Thurston collaborate on book about birds that perished in 2013 incident. Read the full story about Holownia and Thurston’s project on Other links Icarus, Falling of Birds on Icarus, Falling of Birds on


Announcing the prepublication sale of LINTELS OF PARIS a photographic documentation of architecture in Paris by Thaddeus Holownia accompanied by an essay by Peter Edwards. Design Robert Tombs. 60 pages, 11.5″ × 7.75″, hardbound, bilingual 40 stochastic duotone reproductions from 4″ × 10″ film negatives. Prepublication price $55. Book orders: