Lintels of ParisLINTELS OF PARIS (cover)

Photographs by Thaddeus Holownia

Essay by Peter Edwards

Linteaux de ParisLINTEAUX DE PARIS (couverture)

Photographies de Thaddeus Holownia

Texte de Peter Edwards

EastportEastport [cover]

Photographs by Thaddeus Holownia

Essays by John Leroux & Introduction by Hugh French

The Nature of NatureThe Nature of Nature: The Photographs of Thaddeus Holownia 1976–2016 [cover]

The Photographs of Thaddeus Holownia 1976–2016

Essays by Sarah Fillmore and Peter Sanger

Introduction by David Diviney

Tantramar Revisited, RevisitedTantramar Revisited, Revisited [cover]

Photographs by Thaddeus Holownia

Essay by Tom Smart

Icarus, Falling of BirdsIcarus, Falling of Birds [cover]

Photographs by Thaddeus Holownia

Poem by Harry Thurston

Working in the DarkWorking in the Dark

An Homage to John Thompson

Photographs by Thaddeus Holownia

Introduction by Peter Sanger

Poems by Andrew Steeves, Peter Sanger, Rob Winger, Allan Cooper, Amanda Jernigan, Matt Holmes, Harry Thurston


  • New edition

Losing ElinLosing Elin

  • Poems by Michael Thorpe
  • A tribute in poems to Elin Elgaard (1950–2008)

The House That StandsThe House That Stands

  • Poems by Stefan Rose

Silver GhostSilver Ghost

  • Limited Edition
  • Preferred Edition


  • Arborealis Regular Edition
  • Arborealis Preferred Edition
  • Arborealis Special Edition


  • Trade Edition
  • Artist Book with Platinum Prints, edition of 20

Tribute to Judy JarvisTribute to Judy Jarvis

  • Artist Folio edition of 10


  • Artist Folio edition of 10


  • Extended Vision — Ferryland
  • Extended Vision — Sable
  • Extended Vision — Towers
  • Mount Allison University 1839–1989
  • Jolicure
  • Arborealis
  • Sable 1
  • Sable 2


  • Gros Morne
  • Headlighting II
  • Walden Trees
  • Singles